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NXR Speakers Coaxial and Components NXR650CP






NXR650CP component speakers take sound reproduction to the next level with the flexibility of component design for ideal tweeter placement and adjustability of a 12dB X-over network.

The foundation of the component design is a cold steel textured frame providing maximum strength and stability with the benefit of low resonance.  The balanced injection cones are complemented by high-grade rubber surrounds and Conex spiders, deliver rich natural sounding midbass. 

The 25mm tweeters are constructed from some of the finest materials including neodymium magnet and black dome. Each set includes a 3-way mounting kit providing flexibility of positioning the tweeter for optimum stereo imaging. 

A computer aligned X-over network provides a smooth transition between mid and high frequencies. Three wiring configurations allow the selection 0dB, -3dB or -6dB of tweeter adjustment.