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NXDW103A – 250 Watt 10” Powered Enclosure NXDW103A






Clean Efficient Power

The power of the NXDW103A is a revolutionary Patent Pending ultra efficient "Class D" amplifier delivering tremendous power with less current demand and heat as compared to standard Class A/B designs.

Combined with our perfectly matched long throw 10" woofer, this enclosure offers mind-blowing performance in a compact size.

OE (Original Equipment) Integration

Want to retain the factory-installed radio in your vehicle and add some bass?

No problem..... the NXDW10 provides the option of high level inputs for use with factory installed stereos. 

Additionally the amplifier features an intergraded remote sensing circuit within high-level inputs to trigger the amplifier "ON" once audio signal or DC offset is detected.

Adjustable Crossover and Bass Gain               

The bass can be fine tuned to the acoustics of each vehicle with the variable X-over and Bass Level controls

Remote Level Control

The NXDW10 offers hands on control with its wired remote level control, which can be mounted within reach at the front of the vehicle.